In Search of Sleep:

Finally Getting that Good Night’s Rest You’ve Been Looking For.

In Search of Sleep

Discover why you aren't sleeping, and some of the Methods that will Help Relieve all those Sleepless Nights!

Do You Want to Change Your Life by Knowing what is Causing all of that Sleeplessness?

If you can't sleep, you NEED this book!

Are you going around in circles trying to figure out why you can’t get to sleep and/or stay asleep? Are you looking for answers and don’t know where to begin:

  • Sleeplessness (or Insomnia) can affect different areas of someone’s life. People who suffer from sleep deprivation are about twenty-seven percent more likely to become overweight or obese. Becoming overweight can be a cause of sleep apnea.
  • Sixty percent of people drive while sleepy. About 37% have actually admitted to having fallen asleep behind the wheel of a car.
  • Insomnia can affect the relationship you have with your significant other due to “always being tired.”
  • Sleep deprivation will cost companies in the United States about $150 billion in employees absent from work and a reduced rate of productivity.
  • If you have a job that requires both mental and emotional ability, a loss of sleep can have a major impact on your decision-making and judgment processes.

Are you desperate to find a way to get some sleep and overcome Insomnia but don’t know how? Are you tired of trying the latest remedies every other week with no results?

How would you like to try the methods we outline here and find your way back to that peaceful, lasting night’s sleep?

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Little Known Facts about Not Being Able to Sleep

The fast-paced lifestyle, the constant attention grabbers such as non-stop talking on the phone and texting, and life in general has become out of control. When people go to bed, they can’t turn it off and let go of their day.

More than one-half of all Americans are losing sleep due to stressful jobs, stressful lives, and anxiety. Individuals are sleeping twenty percent less than they did not even 100 years ago.

If someone is 60 years old or more, they too are suffering from insomnia at a rate of forty to sixty percent. If you are a woman, you are twice as likely to suffer from sleeplessness versus a man.

Is there a family history of insomnia? About 35% of people will have insomnia due to the genes passed down through your family.

Depression and insomnia go hand in hand. If someone suffers from depression, the chances are ninety percent that they will also experience insomnia.

How can I achieve better sleep without having to visit the doctor?

By eliminating unhealthy sleep habits you will start to see immediate results. You will start finding methods to draw down your activities at the end of the day to cause you to want to go to bed and sleep—and stay asleep.

Are you suffering from a chronic sleep problem?

There are sleep disorders which may be keeping you awake. Do you have restless leg syndrome? Is your Circadian Rhythm off? Do you have sleep apnea?

Is your bedroom and bedding comfortable?

Without the proper bedding and comfort from that bedding you are not going to get a good night’s sleep. Some do not think this is important but it is one of the most important aspects of getting a good night’s rest. Discover the elements of the bedding you should have to assure you sleep well.

Work and Leisure

The distinctions between work/leisure and work/home have become increasingly unclear in recent years. This leads to the development of poor sleep patterns which contributes to poor sleep. The lines are blurred on what is and isn’t work.

Medical Costs

The Institute of Medicine estimates that hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on medical costs that are directly related to sleep disorders.

Signs of Insomnia!

Find out if you are one of the millions of people who are afflicted with this disorder and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms. Discover:

  • What is Insomnia
  • Types of Insomnia
  • Who is at Risk for Insomnia
  • What is Restless Leg Syndrome
  • What is Sleep Apnea
  • How to Design a Healthy Pre-Sleep Routine
  • Discover Natural Remedies
  • Plus much, much more

You Have Tried All the Rest—Now It Is Time To Try The Best!

Help is on the way! There are several techniques if you want to sleep better. You can also eliminate sleeping pills from your life. If you don’t want to become a pill addict or stay on pills the rest of your life you need to find some new methods to cope with your sleeplessness.

Learn some of the methods to:

  • Establish Sleep-promoting Behaviors and Lifestyle Practices
  • How to Improve Relaxation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Change Negative Thoughts About Sleep

Have you tried all of the prescription drugs on the market and paid for countless pills? Have you checked off their list of tasks to accomplish and you are still not getting a good night’s sleep?

The only thing that happens when you buy into those types of “remedies” is that the pharmaceutical companies get rich and you continue to lose sleep.

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Problems, Concerns, and Pain Associated With Insomnia

What causes people to seek out cures to help them sleep in the first place?

This epidemic affects millions of people worldwide. If you have suffered from the difficulties of falling asleep at one time or another, this is categorized as Insomnia.

Insomnia can lead to you becoming sleepy during the day, no to low energy and generally feeling both mentally and physically exhausted.

It's not just difficulty sleeping but every aspect of you life is affected and for some it literally ruins their life or kills them.

What problems do people with insomnia suffer from?

  • Degraded quality of sleep
  • Depression
  • Inability or loss of focus
  • Appetite loss
  • Concentration at work
  • Weight issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Common illnesses become more prevalent
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Thyroid disease

The numbers of problems that are caused by insomnia are staggering. It is really like a domino effect in that it can really trigger a vast array of issues to sufferers unlike any other condition.

Discover some of the Solutions to Insomnia

  • Reduce time in bed
  • Cut out poor diet and lifestyle choices
  • Reduce stress
  • Cut down on caffeine
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Exercise
  • And much, much more

What is the desired Outcome for Relief from Insomnia?

I want you to know that this is not just another report on Insomnia. There are practical tips and suggestions for curing your insomnia yourself. There are also signs that you may need to see a sleep expert.

The methods that you will be trying are based solely upon your willingness to stick with the suggestions in order to rid yourself of Insomnia.

If you’re ready to embrace a new way of thinking about Insomnia, then you’re going to love what I have to show you!

In the Insomnia Report, you will:

  • Learn about Insomnia!
  • Discover the different types of Insomnia!
  • Who is at risk for Insomnia!
  • What is Restless Leg Syndrome!
  • How to Create a Perfect Sleeping Environment!
  • How to Toss those Bad Habits for Better Sleep!
  • Tips about Napping!
  • Use Deep Breathing to Induce a Calming Sleep!
  • Guided Imagery and Visulalization!
  • Natural Remedies.
  • Stress/Anger Management!
  • Relaxation!
  • …And much, much more!

You Have a Choice to Make Today…

Do you want to continually lose sleep only to realize that what you are doing may not be working or will not work in the future?

Or, do you want to discover the remedies to finally rid yourself of this disorder?

I will teach you to change your sleeping habits and allow you to recognize different methods that may work for you to fall asleep and stay asleep!

This really is a no-brainer!

So How Much Is This Gonna Cost?

If you have already spent a small fortune on pills and other booklets about Insomnia, put your wallet away. This is the last plan you will ever need!

You’re going to pay a one time cost of only $19.00 to the last book on sleeping you'll ever need: In Search of Sleep.

You can download it right to your computer immediately!

Are there any EXTRAS when I buy the book?

Yes. At the end of the book is a number of free resources that further help to improve sleep.

They include:

  • Top 20 Tips to Sleep Better NOW Cheat Sheet
  • Comfortable Bedding Guide
  • Signs Its Time to See a Sleep Expert Guide
  • 3 Sleep related Infographics
  • 4-Week Sleep Tracking Grid
  • Get Ready For Sleep Checklist
  • Sleep Diary
  • Information on self-diagnosis

Yes! Please Help Me Learn How to Fall Asleep and STAY ASLEEP With This Great Information!

You will be downloading the In Search of Sleep eBook right to your computer (or tablet, or eReader, or phone, etc) instantly and all for a one-time payment of $19.00.

Think about it: If you keep talking yourself into trying just one more sleep medication, you WILL be coming back here to get yourself off the drugs anyway. Why not skip the drugs, try the natural sleep remedies and quit wasting your time and money on those prescription drugs?

What have you got to lose? (Not sleep).

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Here is what others are saying about 'In Search of Sleep.'

Pam: Bolton, CT, United States

I love it!! It is written really well and in an entertaining, down to earth way! The information is beneficial and I love the humor that is interspersed effectively and throughout

This book truly provides tangible advice in an understandable way and it gives specific tips that are very helpful for promoting sleep and healthy associated habits! I learned about the scientific causes behind not being able to sleep...the emotional and physical things that can get in the way of a healthy night's reinforced keeping electronics all makes sense!

Heather (a counselor): Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I would definitely recommend it to my clients who are experiencing insomnia or sleeping issues in general; great information.

Linda: Cuba, NY, United States

I was able to initially fall asleep but then would wake up at about 2-3am every morning unable to go back to sleep after going to the bathroom. I would sit in my chair and use my laptop trying to get sleepy again to no avail then suffered the next day in the afternoon always needing a long nap.

What I learned from the book was that I approached this issue (not being able to sleep) all the wrong way and didn't realize I was stimulating my brain with the laptop instead of getting sleepy, I also learned many different ways to initially get sleepy before bed if I was unable to do that and how important sleep is for our bodies, and that one CAN overcome these issues.

Kim: Annapolis, MD, United States

This ebook contains all the best info from the web in one place. It's a great start for a good night's sleep.

Scott: Sayre, PA, United States

I often had problems sleeping due to my rotating 12 hour shift. I have a hard time sleeping the first night after working nights. Cell phone and TV are also a self-inflicted problem that I am trying to address. I learned that some of my sleep problems are due to my own mistakes. Some are due to my abnormal sleep cycle due to my work schedule. I have stopped watching TV in my bedroom on days/nights when I am working. I also have been putting down the cell phone at bedtime.

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